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Blogsy is a new iPad blog editor that has a lot of useful features. It allow you to blog photos from Flickr and a couple of other photo sites, video from YouTube and also to load a webpage and drag images into the post.

You type in a code view:

And then swipe to a preview combined with some text formatting and the drag and drop interface. You swipe again to go back to the code view. The text formatting works in both views.

You can also use the built in browser to add links to as well as photos from other sites.

A wee problem is that the app doesn’t upload photos to your blog but hotlinks the ones dragged in. This might give problems if the image is removed and also does not attribute the images in any way.

Blogsy works with, self hosted wordpress blogs and blogger ones. I could not get it to work with my pivot blog although pivot supports the MetaWeblogAPI.

I am going to try to post this to a wordpress and blogger blogs using the settings (a couple of test blogs). Since the HTML links to images and is nice & clean I’ll post it to My World Wide Wall Display blog by copying the HTML and pasting into Safari. Pivot’s mobile interface is nice.

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