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ZoHo Writer 1s test

Testing ZohoWriter it seems to do what is says on the tin as far as typing goes.
I have just dragged and dropped a graphic from the Zoho Writer page onto the document and it appeared:Zoho Writer Home

I am going to try one from the finder:
That did not work, (but it did leave an image tag in the file (or the html export)  but upload did:

tongue_out for the kids we seem to have a nice we set of emotions.
Control-s seems to save the doc.
You cannot paste graphics. But you can insert tables:

This That Next other
34 56 22 12

and there is a nice wee popup to edit tables:

you can even resize the images you add by dragging the handles.

Zoho writer seems to auto save frequently.
And can export to a blog.

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Primary teacher. I like blogs, podcasts and the internet. More here

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